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Our About Us page, will tell you a little bit more about each of the two owners of the Holidays and Observances Website, and how we came to team up on developing this site.

We are two sisters, who have been working on other family owned websites over the last couple of years. We have collaborated primarily on our Holidays pages on our other sites, and they were so much fun to work on together, that when we thought about doing a joint website together as our next project, we automatically thought about doing an entire website on the different Holidays and Observances around the World. That was the topic that appealed to us the most!

Kerry Bacon - Co-owner of Holidays and Observances

Kerry Bacon

Leigh Storz - Co-owner of Holidays and Observances

Leigh Storz

Leigh, (me) is a Web Designer by trade these days, and Kerry has a Science Degree in Dietetics, and is the owner of the fabulous Healthy Diet Habits website.

Our plan therefore, is to have Kerry do all the information for the many Food Holidays, and provide lots of Holiday Recipes, along with a Recipe of the Day for our Daily Holidays section. Her focus will be on providing Healthy Holiday Recipes, and Food ideas and Tips, and tackling some of the Holiday pages that interest her, while I'll cover most of the rest of the site!

Leigh's Bio

Leigh Storz - Co-owner of Holidays and Observances

Hi...I'm Leigh! Welcome to our Holiday site!

I've been doing Web Design since around 2005.  I was a career Accounting/Finance person for 25 years, mostly working in Government Accounting.  I volunteered to work on the Accounting website/intranet several years before I retired, so that I could have a "creative" task to do.  As an artsy, creative person, Accounting was pretty rigid for me, so I gravitated to all the computer projects. Once I started doing Web Design, I knew I had found my "Retirement Career", and it was something that I could incorporate photography in, which is one of my hobbies. 

I retired early from City Government in 2009, and soon after, started on the first of the four family websites that I currently work on.  Initially, I figured I would work at home and do websites for others on a contract basis. So, I had to start working on some websites, in order to show potential clients what I could do.

My daughter Brie was starting her own Massage Therapy Business, so I started with building her a website.  From there, I started on a Travel/Tourism site about the Ski Town of Truckee, California near Lake Tahoe where we used to live.  After that, I encouraged my sister Kerry to start her Healthy Diet Habits website, and I helped her get up and running with that.

Once I started using the Site Build It (SBI) software, which is really E-Business Software, I realized that I didn't want to build websites for others, but I wanted to build them for myself, and help my family with websites.  The reason, is to get away from the system of one hour of my time equals one hour of paid time. When I work for others and I stop work, the pay stops as well.  What I am doing with our family sites, is building passive income streams, that will increase as web traffic grows.

You start off working for free when you first start building your site, and as you add more pages, and income streams, your income grows over time, with no limit to what you can earn.  With most "jobs", you quickly reach a salary limit, promotions might be few and far between, and you may or may not get a Cost of Living increase periodically.  With an E-business, the sky is the limit!

If you have been thinking about starting an e-business, click on the picture below for additional information about Site Build It (SBI).


Kerry's Bio
(info coming soon!)

Kerry has been busy helping her husband deal with double kidney cancer since shortly after the launching of this site on 12-12-12, so Leigh has been working on the site by herself. Sadly, her husband lost his battle with cancer in February 2018. At this time, Kerry is busy adjusting to single life with her autistic son Nate, and her other son Zach who got married in February 2018.

On Kerry's Healthy Diets Habits website, she has written a page about her story:  My Story.

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