Holidays By Topic

Our Holidays By Topic pages will allow you to search for all the Holidays and Observations by Topic.  Holidays that have the same theme are organized together by topic, so you can quickly find what you are looking for, without having all the other Holidays in the way! If you have taken a look at our Alphabetical listings, you'll know this will be much easier!!

Below, we have the summary details of the Topics that we have pages for so far, and towards the bottom, we have some topics that we will be working on holiday summary pages in the near future.  Our Food Holidays and Health Holiday pages are still super long, so we will be looking for ways to break those pages down further. 

Holidays By Topic
Summary Pages Completed

There are many Animal Holidays and Observances that are celebrated throughout the year.  We'll cover them all...

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(Cats/Dogs are covered on our Pet Holidays page!)

Our Children's Holidays and Observances summary page will include all Observance and Awareness days related to infants, kids, and teens.  We'll also include some of the Family Holidays and days that honor those that work with children/teens.

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Food Holidays or Food Observances focus on different types of foods throughout the year.  Here is a summary page listing them all - we'll look at each in depth and include recipes!

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Garden Holidays are Special Days where you can enjoy your garden hobby, and the fruits of your flowers, herbs and vegetable gardening. Grow Organic!

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There are many Health Holidays and Observances or Health Awareness Days throughout the year to focus attention on different Health issues. We'll cover them all!

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There are traditional Holiday Drinks for some Holidays, and other Drinks that are great for any Special Day! Start Your Holiday Entertaining off Right!

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Find detailed US Military Holidays and Observances information, as well as info. on the US Military and the Branches of the Military.

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Our Music Holidays and Observances summary page will include all the special days that are related to Music, Instruments, Musicians, Dance etc. In addition, we will also cover:

  • Holiday Music
  • Music Quotes
  • Music in the Bible
  • Music Festivals and Event info. and more!

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Holidays and Observances Pet Holidays - Pictured in a Kitten Totem Pole

Pet Holidays

(Cats & Dogs)

There are many Pet Holidays throughout the year to honor our beloved pets. 

This page summarizes the many Dog Holidays and Cat Holidays. Be sure to check out a sampling of our Pets on our Pet Pinterest Board!

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World Religious Holidays and Observances, are specific days of the year set aside for Religious Observance. In addition, we'll look at:

  • The different Religions around the World
  • Religious Music
  • Religious Festivals & Events around the World

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Holidays by Topic
Summary Pages Still to Do and Coming Soon!

  • Art Holidays
  • Candy Holidays - or maybe just Chocolate Holidays :)
  • Career Holidays
  • Craft Holidays
  • Educational Holidays
  • Family Holidays
  • Library Holidays
  • Men's Holidays
  • Romantic Holidays
  • Shopping Holidays
  • Sports Holidays
  • Technology Holidays
  • Women's Holidays

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