Black Cats and Halloween

Black Cats and Halloween - What's the big deal?  Should we be concerned for their safety around Halloween, or are the myths surrounding them just that?

Black Cats and Halloween

My daughter's cat "Whiskey" as a Kitten in her little house with her stuffed toy.

Some Facts (or Myths?)....

  • Black cats are often associated with witches, bad luck, the dark side, and are often used for pranks, party props and sometimes even as living decorations, and even satanic, sacrificial rituals around Halloween.
  • Many Halloween decorations include black cats, and it is a popular Halloween costume to go dressed up as a black cat.
  • Black cats became known as witches mascots, or "familiars" through which witches could communicate with the spiritual world.
  • In many European countries and in the United States, black cats signify bad luck.
  • In the United States, it was the Puritan Pilgrims who were suspicious of anything associated with witches or sorcery, including black cats. They actively persecuted black cats.  
  • In England, Ireland, and Scotland, your luck is said to turn good, if a black cat crosses your path.
  • Many animal shelters limit their adoptions of black cats during October, and especially close to Halloween. Other animal shelters don't, and believe that black cats deserve a great home every day of the year!
  • It is advised to take precautions with your cats, especially if they are all black. During Halloween night, it is best to keep your cats locked in a room within your house, so they can't slip outside or get scared when you open the door to trick-or-treaters.  Animal abuse is such a problem today, that it is better just to keep your pets safe!
  • Be sure to keep all Halloween Candy and their wrappers, away from your cats and pets, especially Chocolate which is toxic to Pets!

Black Cats and Halloween

"Whiskey", my daughter's cat all grown up!  Since she is an inside/outside cat, we always make sure she has her collar with name tag on it, as well as my daughter's phone number.  We do take the extra precautions around Halloween to keep her inside, just to be on the safe side!

As Whiskey is getting older, we try to limit her time outside as much as possible. She has one of our bedrooms, that she considers her safe place away from our other two cats who don't always get along with her. We keep the window cracked a bit as she enjoys sitting outside on the large flat roof area ledge. From the roof ledge, she can walk along down to my daughter's room next door, and enter that room as well. Our other two cats are not allowed in these two rooms, so it works out well.

Black Cats and Halloween

Our other black cat, Monkey, is strictly an inside cat along with her mother, Creature, so we just keep her in one of the bedrooms if we are passing out any candy. She is shown in the picture above in the front as a kitten with her sister Cassius (now named Snow Creature), behind her.  Of the 5 kittens that Creature had, four of the kittens got adopted, but no one wanted Monkey, the black kitten so I kept her, (she was shy and liked to bite/scratch) along with her Mom, Creature.  

Because of all the superstitions surrounding Black Cats, it is often harder for black cats in shelters to get adopted.  They all deserve a chance at a great home too!

Above, is one of my favorite black cats and Halloween costumes found on Pinterest!

Black Cats and Halloween - What's the big deal?  Should we be concerned for their safety around Halloween, or are the myths surrounding them just that?

Wishing everyone and their Pets a Happy and Safe Halloween!

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