August 12

August 12 Information from the Holidays and Observances Website

 Holidays and Observances
(Alphabetical Order)

2023 Daily Holidays that fall on August 12, include:

  • Baseball Fans Day 
  • Celebrate Your Lakes Day - August 12, 2023 (Second Saturday in August)
  • IBM PC Day 
  • International Youth Day 
  • Julienne Fries Day 
  • Middle Child Day 
  • National Bowling Day - August 12, 2023 (Second Saturday in August)
  • National Garage Sale Day - August 12, 2023 (Second Saturday in August)
  • National Model Aviation Day - August 12, 2023 (Second Saturday in August)
  • National Sewing Machine Day 
  • Truck Driver Day 
  • Vinyl Record Day 
  • World Elephant Day 

2023 Weekly Holidays that include August 12, are:

  • Air Conditioning Appreciation Days - July 3 - August 15
  • Elvis Week - August 10-16, 2023
  • Exercise With Your Child Week - August 6-12, 2023 (First Full Week of August)
  • International Assistance Dog Week - August 6-12, 2023 (Starts on First Sunday in August)
  • International Tree Climbing Week - August 11-13, 2023
  • Knights of Columbus Family Week - August 6-12, 2023 (First Full Week in August)
  • Kool-Aid Day - August 11-13, 2023 (Second Weekend in August)
  • National Bargain Hunting Week - August 7-13, 2023 (First Monday - Sunday Week in August)
  • National Farmers Market Week - August 6-12, 2023 (First Week of August)
  • National Fraud Awareness Week - August 6-12, 2023 (First Full Week in August)
  • National Health Center Week - August 6-12, 2023 (First Full Week in August)
  • National Hobo Week - August 10-13, 2023
  • National Motorcycle Week - August 6-12, 2023 (Second Week in August)
  • National Stop on Red Week - August 6-12, 2023
  • Perseid Meteor Showers - July 17 - August 24, 2023, will peak on the nights between August 12-13, 2023)
  • Safe + Sound Week - August 7-13, 2023
  • Weird Contest Week - August 6-12, 2023 (Second Week in August)

2023 Monthly Holidays that include August 12, are:

There are too many monthly holidays to include here, so please check out our August Holidays page to see all of the holidays that are celebrated the entire month of August.


  1. A page on each holiday will be coming soon and linked above.
  2. If a date is a movable holiday, that is different every year, I'll include the year as well as the date rule above. Otherwise, the holiday falls on the same date each year.

World Festivals and Events
(Date Order)

  • Sturgis Motorcycle Rally - August 4-13, 2023 (Begins 1st Friday in August for 10 Days)

Astrological Sign

The Astrological Sign for August 12 is Leo.

Birth Flower of the Month

The Birth Flower(s) for the Month of August are:

  • Gladiolus - Strength, moral integrity, remembrance, infatuation. It blooms in a variety of colors like red, pink, white, yellow and orange.  It stands for sincerity and symbolizes strength of character.


The Birthstone(s) for August is:

  • Peridot which is known for its shimmering yellow-green color and the peace and good luck it brings to its wearer.

Famous Birthdays

  • 1910 - Jane Wyatt, American actress and singer (Father Knows Best)(d. 2006)
  • 1933 - Parnelli Jones, American race car driver
  • 1939 - George Hamilton, American actor 
  • 1971 - Pete Sampras, American tennis player

Famous Deaths

  • 30 BC - Cleopatra, Egyptian Queen (b. 69 BC)
  • 1861 - Eliphalet Remington, American businessman who founded Remington Arms (b. 1793)
  • 1964 - Ian Fleming, English spy, journalist, and author who wrote the James Bond novels (b. 1908)
  • 2007 - Merv Griffin, American actor, singer, and producer who created Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune (b. 1925)
  • 2014 - Lauren Bacall, American actress

Famous Weddings and Divorces

  • 1806 - Frontiersman Davy Crockett marries Polly Finley
  • 1988 - Country music singer John Denver marries actress Cassandra Delaney

Quote of the Day

August 12 is World Elephant Day!

No One in the World needs an Elephant Tusk but an Elephant!

~ Thomas Schmidt

Healthy Diet Habit Tip of the Day 
or a Recipe of the Day

The month of August is Family Meals Month!

Your dinner meal plan should be the easiest meal plan of the day to develop, because you have total control of your food environment. If you have purchased healthy foods, you are set for fun!

Tips for Dinner Meal Planning

Cooking great fresh healthy dinner meals is not rocket science, just good old fashioned common sense! It’s also fast. My goal is always to whip up dinner meals at home that take less time than fast food! Fast home cooked healthy meals are a healthy diet habit!

Find out some Healthy Diet Habit tips for Dinner Meal Planning from Kerry's Healthy Diet Habits website!

This Day in History

  • 1492 - On his first voyage to the New World, Christopher Columbus arrives in the Canary Islands
  • 1851 - Isaac Singer is granted a patent for his sewing machine
  • 1865 - British surgeon Joseph Lister, performs first antiseptic surgery
  • 1898 - The Hawaiian flag is lowered and replaced with the flag of the United States to signify the transfer of sovereignty to the United States
  • 1914 - During World War I, the United Kingdom declares war on Austria and Hungary
  • 1944 - Nazi German troops end the week long Wola massacre where 40,000 people were killed
  • 1950 - American POWs are massacred by the North Korean Army
  • 1952 - Thirteen prominent Jewish intellectuals are murdered in Moscow, Russia
  • 1960 - Echo 1A, NASA's first successful communications satellite is launched
  • 1981 - The IBM Personal Computer is released
  • 1985 - Japan Airlines Flight 123 crashes in Gunma Prefecture, Japan killing 520
  • 2000 - The Russian Navy submarine Kursk explodes and sinks in the Barents Sea during a military exercise, killing all 118 on board
  • 2015- Two massive explosions kill 173 and injure up to 800 more in Tianjin, China

This Day in Music

  • 1958 - Sixteen Candles is recorded by The Crests
  • 1974 - Can't Get Enough by Bad Company is released (video below)
  • 1982 - School's Out by Alice Cooper hits #1 in the UK
  • 1989 - Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx his #1 in the US
  • 1994 - Woodstock 2 begins in Saugerties, New York with a crowd of approx. 350,000.
  • 2008 - A Little Bit Longer featuring hit single Burning Up by The Jonas Brothers debuts at #1 in America

This Day in Sports

  • 1851 - During the 1st America's Cup, the U.S. schooner America beats the British yacht Aurora
  • 1879 - The First National Archery Association tournament is held in Chicago
  • 1928 - The 9th Olympic Games close in Amsterday
  • 1935 - Babe Ruth plays his final game at Fenway Park in front of 41,766 spectators
  • 1994 - The 1994 World Series is canceled due to the Major League Baseball players going on strike
  • 2016 - Katie Ledecky becomes the most decorated U.S. female athlete at one Olympics after winning 4 golds and 1 silver.  She is also the 1st swimmer to win the 200m, 400m and 800m freestyle at the same Olympics since 1968

Word of the Day from Wiktionary

Repechage (noun)

1. (sports) A heat (as in rowing or fencing) in which the bet competitors who have lost in a previous round compete for a place or places yet left in the next round.

Wishing You a Great Day Today!

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