Holidays in New Zealand

Holidays in New Zealand are different than the United States, in that the seasons of the year are reversed! Christmas is in the summer time, instead of the winter, which is hard to get used to if you are used to having a White Christmas with snow on the ground.

I absolutely LOVE New Zealand! I was lucky enough to spend a week touring the South Island while my Dad who was in the U.S. Army was stationed in Canberra, Australia for 4 years.  It was one of the most beautiful places that I've ever been to, and I would love to go back to visit one day.

Map of New Zealand

When we visited New Zealand, we flew into Christchurch, on the South Island and rented a car. From Christchurch, we drove down to Queenstown, then over to Dunedin, and back up to Christchurch.

Holidays and Observances in New Zealand

All the Holidays in New Zealand information below, will give the 2023 Date, Holiday Name, and Holiday Type. Ultimately, we will have a Daily Holidays Page for each of the Days of the Year, and a devoted page for each of the Holidays and Observances.  Pages completed will be linked up below once they are done.

If a Holiday does not have 2023 after it below, that means that it is observed annually on the same day.  Those with 2023 listed after the date, are movable holidays that are observed on different days each year.

January 2024 Holidays in New Zealand

February 2024 Holidays in New Zealand

March Holidays in New Zealand

April Holidays in New Zealand

May Holidays in New Zealand

  • May 6, 2023 - The Coronation of King Charles III - Observance
  • May 14, 2023 - Mother's Day - Second Sunday in May - Observance

June Holidays in New Zealand

  • June 5, 2022 - King's Birthday - National Holiday, always celebrated on the First Monday in June. 
  • June 22, 2023 - June Solstice

July Holidays in New Zealand

  • None

August Holidays in New Zealand

  • None

September Holidays in New Zealand

October Holidays in New Zealand

November Holidays in New Zealand

  • November 5, 2023 - Guy Fawkes Night
  • November 17, 2023 - Canterbury Anniversary
  • November 27, 2023- Chatham Islands Anniversary

December Holidays in New Zealand

Overview of New Zealand

New Zealand has pretty much everything that you would want - there are  lots of great beaches, beautiful lakes and rivers, and awe inspiring mountains. It is amazingly green and has everything for the outdoor lover and sports enthusiasts!

Below is an amazing Time Lapse Video of New Zealand, from Taranaki Coast of North Island to almost every part of South Island. Presented in TIMELAPSE, with around 100GB and over 17,000 photos shot during a 15-day trip.

Fun Facts About New Zealand

  • New Zealand is known for their extreme sports, such as jetboating
  • A Kiwi in New Zealand is a flightless bird, that is the National Symbol, and Kiwi is also slang for a New Zealander.

  • New Zealand has two official National Anthems – God Defend New Zealand and God Save the Queen, the English National Anthem.
  • The largest city in New Zealand is Auckland, on the North Island.
  • The population is currently only 4.8+ million, so the Country is not very crowded. Three quarters of the population, live on the North Island, and a third of the population lives in Auckland, on the North Island.
  • Always Drive on the LEFT hand side of the road!
  • The official languages are English and Maori.
  • Wellington, the Capital City of New Zealand, located on the south end of the North Island, is the southernmost capital city in the world.

Top Things to Do in New Zealand

I'm a baby, when it comes to being daring, but I think that the jet boating with Shotover Jet, in Queenstown, looks like one of the funnest things ever!

  • Watch the New Years Eve fireworks shot from the Auckland Sky Tower, the tallest building in the Southern Hemisphere. 
  • If you are brave, you can Bungee Jump off of the Auckland Sky Tower. Or, you can take the Skywalk at the top, or the Skytower Vertigo Climb
  • Take a Road Trip - spend a week or two touring each of the islands, and visiting all the big cities and National Parks along the way!

Swing Bridge in New Zealand
  • If you like to Hike, visit the town of Hokitita on the South Island, and visit the Hokitita Gorge Track. Further up the Gorge from the swing bridge (shown above), is a popular place for adventure kayakers that is quite challenging.

Hobbiton in New Zealand where the Lord of Ring Movies were filmed.
  • Take a tour of "Hobbiton", the film set used in Peter Jackson's The Hobbit, and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. While you can take a tour of the town by bus, and visit the hobbit homes, a great way to see more of the area is by Helicopter. Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters in Queenstown has a  Lord of the Rings, Scenic Tour that also includes a Glacier Landing.


Please check out our Music Holidays Page!

Country Resources

  • - Official site of New Zealand Tourism, Business, and Investment

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