September 20

September 20 Information from the Holidays and Observances Website

 Holidays and Observances
(Alphabetical Order)

2023 Daily Holidays that fall on September 20, include:

  • National Fried Rice Day 
  • National Gibberish Day
  • National Pepperoni Pizza Day 
  • National Punch Day 
  • National Rehabilitation Day - September 20, 2023 (Wednesday in Third Week of September)
  • National Rum Punch Day 
  • National School Backpack Awareness Day - September 20, 2023 (Third Wednesday in September)
  • National String Cheese Day 

2023 Weekly Holidays that include September 20, are:

  • Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third Week in September)
  • Astronomy Week (Fall) - September 18-24, 2023
  • Balance Awareness Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third Full Week of September)
  • Build a Better Image Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third Full Week of September)
  • Child Passenger Safety Awareness Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third Full Week in September)
  • Constitution Week - September 17-23
  • International Clean Hands Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third Full Week of September)
  • International Women's E-Commerce Days - September 17-23, 2023
  • Malnutrition Awareness Week - September 18-22, 2023
  • Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third Full Week in September)
  • National Adult Day Services Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third week of September)
  • National Ballroom Dancing Week - September 17-23, 2023
  • National Eczema Week - September 13-21
  • National Family Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Also on May 7-13, 2023)
  • National Farm & Ranch Safety and Health Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third Full Week of September)
  • National Farm Animals Awareness Week - September 16-22, 2023 (Third week of September)
  • National Go-Kart Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third Week in September)
  • National Hispanic Heritage Weeks - September 15, 2023 - October 15, 2023 (Starts on September 15 and ends on October 15th each year)
  • National Historically Black Colleges & Universities Week - September 17-23, 2023
  • National Indoor Plant Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third Full Week of September)
  • National Love Your Files Week - September 18-22, 2023 (Third Full Mon-Fri Week)
  • National Postdoc Appreciation Week - September 19-23, 2023
  • National Rehabilitation Awareness Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third Full Week in September)
  • National Security Officer Appreciation Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third Full Week in September)
  • National Singles Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third Full Week in September) 
  • National Surgical Technologist Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third Full Week in September)
  • North American International Auto Show (Detroit) - September 16-24, 2023
  • Pollution Prevention Week - September 18-24, 2023 (Begins on the Third Monday in September)
  • Prostate Cancer Awareness Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third Week of September)
  • Rabi 'al Awwal - September 17 - October 15, 2023
  • Reye's Syndrome Awareness Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third Week of September)
  • Tolkien Week - September 17-23, 2023 (Third Week that Hobbit Day 9/22 falls on)
  • World Goat Days - September 18-23, 2022 (Every 2 years)

2023 Monthly Holidays that include September 20, are:

There are too many monthly holidays to include here, so please check out our September Holidays page to see all of the holidays that are celebrated the entire month of September.


  1. A page on each holiday will be coming soon and linked above.
  2. If a date is a movable holiday, that is different every year, I'll include the year as well as the date rule above. Otherwise, the holiday falls on the same date each year.

World Festivals and Events
(Date Order)

  • Oktoberfest - September 16, 2023 - October 3, 2023 Beer Festival in Munich, Germany. This festival is now held all over the World. Also, check out our Holidays in Germany page!
  • Expo East (Philadelphia, PA) - September 20-23, 2023

Astrological Sign

The Astrological Sign for September 20 is Virgo.

Birth Flower of the Month

The Birth Flower(s) for the Month of September are:

  • Aster - symbols of powerful love.
  • Morning Glory - simple symbols of affection.


The Birthstone(s) for September is Sapphires:

  • Sapphires have a centuries long association with royalty and romance, and September's birthstone jewelry incorporates beautiful sapphire gems.

Famous Birthdays

  • 1486 - Arthur, Prince of Wales (d. 1502)
  • 1934 - Sophia Loren, Italian actress
  • 1956 - Gary Cole, American actor (The West Wing, Midnight Caller, Suits)

Famous Deaths

  • 1973 - Jim Croce, American singer, songwriter and guitarist (Operator) (b. 1943)
  • 2014 - Polly Bergen, American actress and singer (The Polly Bergen Show) (b. 1930)

Famous Weddings and Divorces

  • 1997 - Actor Erik Estrada (CHiPs) marries Nanette Mirkovich
  • 2002 - Actor Laurence Fishburne (The Matrix Trilogy) marries actress Gina Torres (Firefly, Suits) in New York City

Quote of the Day

Success.....Go Get It!  It takes ACTION!

Success.....go get it! Success takes action! You get an idea, you plan, you take action to accomplish your plan! 

Break the tasks down into manageable sections! This last week my daughter called me and said she was overwhelmed by her yard and she needed my help.  What was a beautiful yard when she bought her house several years ago had gotten overgrown. Yards do that when you don't tend to them!  

I went to her house, took pictures of the front and back and made a TO DO list after breaking her yard into 12 different projects, or areas.  Each project has different tasks. I sent the list to her and said, lets pick an area and spend time on just that area....forget the entire overwhelming yard, just focus on one area and one task in that area at a time. After three days of working several hours, it already looks so much better.  It will take another 2-3 weeks to complete all the areas, but she has her plan and her path to success and is no longer overwhelmed!

It helps her stay motivated to have my help, and she is so excited over our success, that she is tackling tasks in between my visits to help!

Healthy Diet Habit Tip of the Day 
or a Recipe of the Day

Cabbage soup is a must for the colder months of the year! It is full of nutrition and a large pot stewing on your stove will make your house smell heavenly, especially if you brown your bacon first! 

It's a tasty meal that will get you excited about leftovers! Adding a pot of soup each week to your weekly menu plan is a great lifestyle solution to adopt!

Cabbage Soup Recipe by Kerry of Healthy Diet Habits

All soups can be tweaked to your taste buds! Vegetable soups cooked in broth, versus a cream base, are a healthy diet habit. They offer nutrition from various vegetables and are generally a low calorie, filling meal. Pair this cabbage soup with a slice of hearty bread and a salad! The added bonus is leftovers.

You can get the Recipe for Cabbage Soup from Kerry's Healthy Diet Habits website!

This Day in History

  • 1519 - Ferdinand Magellan sets sail from Spain with 270 men to circumnavigate the globe
  • 1737 - The Walking Purchase gives 1.2 million acreas of Lenape-Delaware tribal land to the Pennsylvania Colony
  • 1860 - The first visit to North America by a Prince of Wales occurs when the future King Edward VII of the United Kingdom visits
  • 1881 - The morning after President James A. Garfield's death, Chester A. Arthur is sworn in as the United States President
  • 1893 - The first American-made gasoline powered automobile is road tested by Charles Duryea and his brother
  • 1911 - The RMS Olympic collides with the British warship HMS Hawke
  • 1941 - Lithuanian Nazis and local police murder 403 Jews in Nemencine
  • 1942 - During two days, German Einsatzgruppe murders at least 3,000 Jews in Letychiv
  • 1946 - The first Cannes Film Festival is held
  • 1967 - The RMS Queen Elizabeth 2 sets sail from Clydebank, Scotland
  • 1971 - Hurricane Irene regains strength and is renamed Hurricane Olivia and is the first hurricane to cross from the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific Ocean
  • 1977 - Vietnam is admitted to the United Nations
  • 1984 - The U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon is attacked by a suicide bomber in a car, killing twenty-two people
  • 2000 - Individuals using a Russian built RPG-22 anti-tank missile, attack the UK's MI6 Secret Intelligence Service building
  • 2001 - U.S. President George W. Bush declares War on Terror in an address to a joint session of Congress and the American people
  • 2008 - In front of the Marriott hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan, a dump truck full of explosives detonates killing 54 people and injuring 266 others
  • 2017 - Category 4 Hurricane Maria makes landfall in Puerto Rico resulting in 2,975 deaths, and causing $90 billion in damages

This Day in Music

  • 1969 - John Lennon leaves The Beatles, but agrees to not make an official announcement
  • 1969 - Sugar, Sugar by the cartoon group The Archies hit #1 in America
  • 1977 - Ringo the 4th is released by Ringo Starr
  • 1980 - Modern Girl by Sheena Easton hits #8 in the UK, while she also had 9 To 5 in the Top 10
  • 1986 - Their fourth album Fore! is released by Huey Lewis & the News, containing two #1 hits, Stuck With You and Jacob's Ladder
  • 2014 - All About that Bass by Meghan Trainor hits #1 (video below)

This Day in Sports

  • 1939 - Joe Louis wins the heavyweight boxing title in 11 against Bob Pastor
  • 1948 - Mexican Baseball league is disbanded
  • 1955 - Willy Mays is the 7th player to reach 50 HRs in a season
  • 1973 - In the Battle of Sexes tennis match, Billie Jean King beats Bobby Riggs
  • 1980 - Spectacular Bid runs in the Belmont alone as 3 horses drop out
  • 1982 - During the 1982 NFL season, Football players begin a 57-day strike
  • 1988 - After hitting his head on the diving board the previous day, American diver Greg Louganis wins the 3m springboard gold medal at the Seoul Olympics
  • 2013- Alex Rodriquez of the New York Yankees sets a new MLB record with 24 Grand Slam HRs 

Word of the Day from Wiktionary

Anthelmintic (adjective and noun)

1. A drug for the treatment of intestinal worm infestation.

Wishing You a Great Day Today!

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