September 3

September 3 Information from the Holidays and Observances Website

 Holidays and Observances
(Alphabetical Order)

2024 Daily Holidays that fall on September 3, include:

  • Another Look Unlimited Day - September 3, 2024 (Day after Labor Day)
  • Birth of Anna, Duchess of Bedford, Creator of Afternoon Tea 
  • National Day of Prayer for Victims of Hurricane Harvey
  • National Skyscraper Day 
  • National Welsh Rarebit Day 
  • Penny Press Day 
  • Telephone Tuesday - September 3, 2024 (Tuesday after Labor Day)

2024 Weekly Holidays that include September 3, are:

  • International Enthusiasm Week - September 1-7
  • National Childhood Injury Prevention Week - September 1-7
  • National Nutrition Week - September 1-7
  • National Payroll Week - September 2-6, 2024 (First Mon-Fri Week in September)
  • National Waffle Week - September 1-7, 2024  (First Week of September)
  • Play Days - September 3-7, 2024 (Tuesday - Saturday after Labor Day)
  • Self-University Week - September 1-7
  • Sobriety Checkpoint Week - September 1-7, 2024 (First Full Week in September)
  • Substitute Teacher Appreciation Week - September 1-7, 2024 (First Full Week of September)

2024 Monthly Holidays that include September 3, are:

There are too many monthly holidays to include here, so please check out our September Holidays page to see all of the holidays that are celebrated the entire month of September.


  1. A page on each holiday will be coming soon and linked above.
  2. If a date is a movable holiday, that is different every year, I'll include the year as well as the date rule above. Otherwise, the holiday falls on the same date each year.

World Festivals and Events
(Date Order)

  • US Open Tennis Championships - August 26 - September 8, 2024
  • Paralympic Summer Games - Held every 4 years, next one is August 28, 2024 - September 8, 2024 in Paris, France

Astrological Sign

The Astrological Sign for September 3 is Virgo.

Birth Flower of the Month

The Birth Flower(s) for the Month of September are:

  • Aster - symbols of powerful love.
  • Morning Glory - simple symbols of affection.


The Birthstone(s) for September is Sapphires:

  • Sapphires have a centuries long association with royalty and romance, and September's birthstone jewelry incorporates beautiful sapphire gems.

Famous Birthdays

  • 1923 - Glen Bell, American businessman who founded Taco Bell (d. 2010)
  • 1986 - Shaun White, American snowboarder, skateboarder and guitarist, three time Olympic gold medalist

Famous Deaths

  • 1658 - Oliver Cromwell, English general and politician (b. 1599)
  • 1970 - Vince Lombardi, American football player and coach (b. 1913)
  • 2015 - Judy Carne, English actress and comedian who was on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In (b. 1939)

Famous Weddings and Divorces

  • 1921 - American author and journalist Ernest Hemingway marries Hadley Richardson
  • 1977 - Actress Barbara Eden (I Dream of Jeannie) marries Charles Donald Fegert

Quote of the Day

September 3 is the Birth of Anna, Duchess of Bedford, Creator of Afternoon Tea!

September 3rd is the Birth of Anna, Duchess of Bedford, Creator of Afternoon Tea!

Americans don't practice this custom, but in Countries like the U.K. and Australia, it is customary to have Afternoon Tea! A cup of tea and a mini-meal to help you make it to dinner time. 

In addition to tea, it is customary to serve cut up small sandwiches, scones with jam or cream, sweet pastries and cakes. 

We lived in Australia for four years and this is a custom that I LOVE! Just taking a break from the events of the day, to unwind and relax with a cup of tea, a snack, and perhaps a good book, or the company of a friend!

September 3 is the Birth of Anna, Duchess of Bedford, Creator of Afternoon Tea!

Healthy Diet Habit Tip of the Day 
or a Recipe of the Day

A healthy weight loss meals guide will allow you to plan healthy meals. Weight loss is an extremely complicated process. Scientists are just beginning to understand the systems involved in weight loss and weight gain, and your hormones that store and release fat.

Many different theories abound that try to help you lose weight. They mostly fail. Studies seem to show that you need to eat healthy carbohydrates, healthy proteins, healthy fats, unlimited non-starchy veggies, and fruit. Not too difficult of a Lifestyle Solution! Let’s go with that and make a generic weight loss meal guide.

Healthy Weight Loss Meals Plan

Check out Kerry's Healthy Weight Loss Meals Guide on her Healthy Diet Habits website!

This Day in History

  • 301 - Saint Marinus founds San Marino which is one of the smallest nations in he world and is the world's oldest republic still in existence
  • 1189 - Richard I of England (known as Richard "the Lionheart") is crowned at Westminster
  • 1666 - During the Great Fire of London, the Royal Exchange burns down
  • 1777 - During the Battle of Cooch's Bridge during the American Revolutionary War, the Flag of the United States is flown in battle for the first time
  • 1783 - The American Revolutionary War ends with the signing of the Treat of Paris by the United States and the Kingdom of Great Britain
  • 1812 - Twenty-four settlers are killed in the Pigeon Roost Massacre in Indiana
  • 1838 - Future abolitionist Frederick Douglass escapes from slavery
  • 1855 - During the American Indian Wars, under U.S. General William S. Harney, 700 soldiers in Nebraska avenge the Grattan massacre by attacking a Sioux village and killing 100 men, women and children
  • 1878 - On the River Thames in London, the crowded boat Princess Alice collides with the Bywell Castle and over 640 die
  • 1925 - The USS Shenandoah, the United States' first American built rigid airship was destroyed in a squall line over Noble County, Ohio, killing fourteen of the 42 man crew
  • 1939 - During World War II, France, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia declare war on Germany after the invasion of Poland
  • 1939 - During World War II, the United Kingdom and France begin a naval blockade of Germany that lasts until the end of the war
  • 1944 - Anne Frank (Diary of Anne Frank) and her family are place on the last transport train from the Westerbork transit camp to the Auschwitz concentration camp
  • 1945 - Following the Victory over Japan Day, a three-day celebration begins in China
  • 1971 - Quatar becomes an independent state
  • 1994 - Russia and the People's Republic of China agree to de-target their nuclear weapons against each other
  • 1997 - Vietnam Airlines Flight 815 crashes on approach into Phnom Penh airport, killing 64
  • 2004 - Beslan school siege in Russia ends with over 330 fatalities, including 186 children
  • 2017 - North Korea conducts its sixth and most powerful nuclear test

This Day in Music

  • 1968 - Ringo Starr returns to The Beatles after quitting during the White Album sessions
  • 1982 - Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak throws the US Festival in hopes of uniting people through music and technology. 200,000 people show up for the three day event featuring Fleetwood Mac, The Police and the Grateful Dead
  • 1982 - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? by the Culture Club is released in the UK
  • 1990 - George Michael release his second solo album, Listen Without Prejudice

Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac

This Day in Sports

  • 1875 - After being introduced by British ranches, the first official game of polo is played in Argentina
  • 1895 - John Brallier becomes the first professional American football player when he is paid $10 to play for the Latrobe Athletic Association
  • 1928 - Baseball player, Ty Cobb records his 4,191st & final career hit as a pinch hitter for the Philadelphia A's
  • 1935 - Sir Malcolm Campbell becomes the first person to drive an automobile over 300 mph when he reaches a speed of 304.331 miles per hour on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah
  • 1950 - Nino Farina becomes the first Formula One Drivers' Champion after winning the 1950 Italian Grand Prix
  • 1972 - During the Munich Olympics, American swimmer Mark Spitz wins the 100m Gold medal with a world record of 51.22

Word of the Day from Wiktionary

Chirality (noun)

1. The phenomenon, in chemistry, physics and mathematics, in which an object differs from its mirror image.

Wishing You a Great Day Today!

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