March 29

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 Holidays and Observances

2018 Daily Holidays that fall on March 29, include:

  • Knights of Columbus Founders Day 
  • Little Red Wagon Day - March 29, 2018 (Last Wednesday in March)
  • Maundy Thursday - March 29, 2018      
  • National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day 
  • National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day 
  • Smoke and Mirrors Day 
  • Vietnam Veterans Day or Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day 

2018 Weekly Holidays that include March 29, are:

  • Health Information Professionals Week - March 25-31, 2018
  • Holy Week - March 25 - March 31, 2018 (Begins on Palm Sunday and Ends on Holy Saturday)
  • International Phace Syndrome Awareness Week - March 25-31, 2018 (Last Week in March)
  • Lent - Begins on Ash Wednesday - February 14, 2018 - March 29, 2018
  • Make Mine Chocolate - (Campaign kicks off annually on Feb 15, and ends on Easter which is April 1, 2018)
  • National Cleaning Week - March 25-31, 2018 (Last Week of March)
  • National Physicians Week - March 24-30, 2018
  • National Protocol Officer's Week - March 25-31, 2018 (Last Week of March)
  • Orthodox Lent - February 19 - April 7, 2018
  • Passiontide - March 18-31, 2018 (The Last Two Weeks of Lent - Passion Week and Holy Week)
  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Week - March 25-31, 2018 
  • World Irish Dancing Week - March 24 - April 1, 2018

2018 Monthly Holidays that include March 29, are:

There are too many monthly holidays to include here, so please check out our March Holidays page to see all of the holidays that are celebrated the entire month of March.


  1. A page on each holiday will be coming soon and linked above.
  2. If a date is a movable holiday, that is different every year, I'll include the year as well as the date rule above. Otherwise, the holiday falls on the same date each year.

World Festivals and Events

  • Vivid Sydney - May 25 - June 16, 2018 located in Sydney, Australia is where art, technology, and commerce intersect, and is an event of light, music, and ideas. Featuring outdoor lighting sculptures, cutting edge contemporary music, and the illumination of the Sydney Opera House. Check out our Holidays in Australia page!

Astrological Sign

The Astrological Sign for March 29 is Aries.

Birth Flower of the Month

The Birth Flower(s) for the Month for March are:

  • The Jonquil, better known as Daffodil or Narcissus
  • The meaning of the Daffodil is friendship and domestic happiness


The Birthstone(s) for March is the aquamarine and the bloodstone.

Famous Birthdays

  • 1790 – John Tyler, American politician, 10th President of the United States (d. 1862)
  • 1874 – Lou Hoover, American First Lady from 1929 to 1933, wife of President of the US Herbert Hoover (d. 1944)
  • 1918 – Pearl Bailey, American actress and singer (Hello Dolly!) (d. 1990)
  • 1918 – Sam Walton, American businessman, founded the retailers Walmart and Sam's Club (d. 1992)
  • 1956 – Kurt Thomas, American gymnast
  • 1963 – Elle Macpherson, Australian model
  • 1968 – Lucy Lawless, New Zealand actress and singer (Xena: Warrior Princess)
  • 1976 – Jennifer Capriati, American tennis player

Famous Deaths

  • 1788 – Charles Wesley, English Methodist hymnist (b. 1707)
  • 1848 – John Jacob Astor, American businessman and first multi-millionaire in the US (b. 1763)
  • 1912 – Sir Robert Falcon Scott, English explorer, member of the Scott Expedition to the South Pole (b. 1868)
  • 2016 - Patty Duke, American actress (Valley of the Dolls, The Patty Duke Show) (b. 1946)

Famous Weddings and Divorces

  • 1813 - John Tyler, 10th US President, marries 1st wife Letitia Christian Tyler 
  • 1929 - Actress and dancer Ginger Rogers weds her dancing partner Jack Pepper
  • 1978 - Tina Turner is officially divorced from husband Ike
  • 1997 - Actor Harry Hamlin weds actress Lisa Rinna

Quote of the Day

Above, is a great quote from Tina Turner.  After divorcing her husband Ike, for severe abuse, on this day in 1978, Tina went on to have greater success, with What's Love Got to Do With It, and other songs, and some acting roles, including Mel Gibson's, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. I admire her for leaving her abusive situation.

Tina has won 8 Grammys, sold more concert tickets than any solo artist, and sold over 200 million album and singles copies.  She has been called one of the most successful female rock artists of all time, and one of the greatest singers of all time.

Recipe of the Day or a
Healthy Diet Habit Tip of the Day

The Holidays and Observances Healthy Diet Tip of the Day for March 29, is to practice Simple Healthy Eating, by following the R.I.S.E. strategy of Healthy Eating - reduce, increase, substitute, and eliminate.

The Holidays and Observances Healthy Diet Tip of the Day for March 29, is to practice Simple Healthy Eating, by following the R.I.S.E. strategy of Healthy Eating - reduce, increase, substitute, and eliminate.  Find out more about Simple Healthy Eating, by Kerry, of Healthy Diet Habits.

This Day in History

  • 1638 – Swedish colonists establish the first European settlement in Delaware, naming it New Sweden
  • 1848 - Niagara Falls stops flowing for 30 hours due to an ice jam
  • 1852 - Ohio makes it illegal for children under 18 & women to work more than 10 hours a day
  • 1867 - Congress approves Lincoln Memorial
  • 1882 – The Knights of Columbus, the world's largest Catholic fraternal service organization is established
  • 1886 – The first batch of Coca-Cola is brewed in a backyard in Atlanta, Georgia, by Dr. John Pemberton
  • 1943 - Meat, butter & cheese rationed in US during WW II
  • 1961 - After a 4 1/2 year trial, Nelson Mandela is acquitted on treason charge
  • 1971 – A Los Angeles, California jury recommends the death penalty for Charles Manson and three female followers
  • 1973 – The last United States combat soldiers leave South Vietnam (Vietnam War)
  • 1999 – The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above the 10,000 mark for the first time
  • 2004 – The Republic of Ireland becomes the first country in the world to ban smoking in all work places, bars, and restaurants
  • 2017 - The UK invokes Article 50 which begins the formal process of Brexit which withdraws the UK from the European Union (EU)

This Day in Music

  • 1795 - Beethoven debuts as pianist in Vienna, at age 24
  • 1975 - Led Zeppelin becomes the first band in history to have six albums on the Billboard chart at once
  • 1982 - Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney, Ebony And Ivory is released
  • 1985 - Madonna's first film, Desperately Seeking Susan, debuts
  • 1986 - Beatle records officially go on sale in Russia
  • 1987 - Starship's Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now hits #1
  • 2006 - Tom Jones is knighted by Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace
  • 2009 - Nickelback win Album of the Year, Group of the Year and the Fan Choice Award at the Juno Awards

Above, is my favorite Tina Turner song, What's Love Got to Do With It, which hit #1 in the US on September 1, 1984

This Day in Sports

  • 1966 - Muhammad Ali beats George Chuvalo in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
  • 1984 - NFL Baltimore Colts move to Indianapolis
  • 1989 - 1st Soviet hockey players are permitted to play for the NHL
  • 1992 - Ladies Figure Skating Championship in Oakland won by Kristi Yamaguchi of the USA 

Word of the Day from Wiktionary

otorhinolaryngology (noun)

1. (medicine) The study of diseases of the ear, nose and throat

Wishing You a Great Day Today!

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