August 27

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 Holidays and Observances
(Alphabetical Order)

2023 Daily Holidays that fall on August 27, include:

  • Banana Lover's Day 
  • Go Topless Day - August 27, 2023 (Sunday closest to Women's Equality Day of August 26th)
  • Just Because Day 
  • Kiss Me Day 
  • Lyndon Baines Johnson Day (State of Texas) 
  • National Petroleum Day 
  • National Pots de Creme Day 
  • Pony Express Day - August 27, 2023 (Last Sunday in August)
  • Sacrifice our Wants for Other's Needs Sunday - August 27, 2023 (Last Sunday in August)
  • Slow Art Day 
  • Tarzan Day
  • The Duchess Who Wasn't Day 
  • World Rock Paper Scissors Day 

2023 Weekly Holidays that include August 27, are:

  • Be Kind to Humankind Week - August 25-31
  • Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over - Labor Day: August 17 - September 5, 2023
  • Health Unit Coordinators Week - August 23-29
  • International Bat Night(s) - August 25-27, 2023 (Last Full Weekend in August)

2023 Monthly Holidays that include August 27, are:

There are too many monthly holidays to include here, so please check out our August Holidays page to see all of the holidays that are celebrated the entire month of August.


  1. A page on each holiday will be coming soon and linked above.
  2. If a date is a movable holiday, that is different every year, I'll include the year as well as the date rule above. Otherwise, the holiday falls on the same date each year.

World Festivals and Events
(Date Order)

  • Little League World Series - August 16-27, 2023 (Held in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania)
  • National Championship Chuckwagon Races - August 26 - September 3, 2023 (Held in Clinton, Arkansas)

Astrological Sign

The Astrological Sign for August 27 is Virgo.

Birth Flower of the Month

The Birth Flower(s) for the Month of August are:

  • Gladiolus - Strength, moral integrity, remembrance, infatuation. It blooms in a variety of colors like red, pink, white, yellow and orange.  It stands for sincerity and symbolizes strength of character.


The Birthstone(s) for August is:

  • Peridot which is known for its shimmering yellow-green color and the peace and good luck it brings to its wearer.

Famous Birthdays

  • 1809 - Hannibal Hamlin, American attorney and politician who was the 15th Vice President of the United States while Abraham Lincoln was President (d. 1891)
  • 1865 - Charles G. Dawes, American General and politician who was the 30th Vice President of the United States (d. 1951)
  • 1877 - Charles Rolls, English engineer, and businessman who co-founded Rolls-?Royce Limited (d. 1910)
  • 1908 - Lyndon B. Johnson, American commander and politician who was the 36th President of the United States (d. 1973)
  • 1947 - Barbara Bach, American model, actress and wife of Beatle Ringo Starr (The Spy who Loved Me, Force 10 from Navarone)
  • 1969 - Chandra Wilson, American actress and director (Grey's Anatomy)

Famous Deaths

  • 1964 - Gracie Allen, America actress, comedian, wife of George Burns (Burns and Allen) (b. 1895)
  • 1990 - Stevie Ray Vaughan, American singer, songwriter, producer, guitarist (Double Trouble) (b. 1954)
  • 1996 - Greg Morris, American actor (Mission Impossible) (b. 1933)

Famous Weddings and Divorces

  • 1977 - Singer Jimmy Buffett marries Jane Slagsvol
  • 2005 - Actor Robert Downey Jr. marries producer Susan Levin in New York

Quote of the Day

August 27th is Kiss Me Day!

Recipe of the Day or a
Healthy Diet Habit Tip of the Day

There is a Glycemic Index Diet, that is a new way of eating, based upon the Glycemic Index. It is one my favorite lifestyle solutions for your food choices, because it is just a guide to healthy eating, and there are many benefits that will help you with weight control and weight loss. You won’t get skinny quickly, but you will learn how to eat for health!

Remember, in the Glycemic Index, carbohydrate foods are categorized into green light foods that are a go, yellow light foods that signal caution, and red light foods that you should stop or eat sparingly. You can guess that all sugar laden foods, and processed foods fall into the red light category! Surprise!

There is a Glycemic Index Diet, that is a new way of eating, based upon the Glycemic Index.

Find out more about the Glycemic Index Diet from Kerry's Healthy Diet Habits website!

This Day in History

  • 1172 - King Henry II of England crowns his heirs, Henry the Young King and Queen Margaret, without giving them any actual authority
  • 1832 - The Black Hawk War is ended when Black Hawk, the leader of the Sauk tribe of Native Americans surrenders to the U.S. authorities
  • 1881 - A hurricane makes landfall near Savannah, Georgia and causes an estimated 700 deaths
  • 1893 - The Sea Islands hurricane makes landfall near Savannah, Georgia killing up to 2,000 people
  • 1962 - NASA launches the Mariner 2 unmanned space mission to Venus
  • 1980 - Extortionist John Birges plants a bomb at Harvey's Resort Hotel in Stateline, Nevada. The FBI attempt to disarm the bomb but fail and the bomb explodes and damages the hotel, but no injuries occur
  • 2003 - Despite passing at 34,646,418 miles from Earth, Mars makes its closest approach to Earth in nearly 60,000 years
  • 2006 - Comair Flight 5191 from Lexington Kentucky bound for Atlanta crashes on takeoff and 49 of the 50 passengers and crew are confirmed dead
  • 2011 - Hurricane Irene touches down on the U.S. east coast killing 47 and causing $15.6 billion in damages

This Day in Music

  • 1955 - Ain't That a Shame by Fats Domino's hits #10 in the United States
  • 1964 - Disney releases Mary Poppins, a musical featuring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke
  • 1966 - Cherish is released by The Association
  • 1988 - Tracy Chapman's self-titled debut album reaches #1 in the United States, with her single Fast Car coming in at #6 (video below)
  • 1988 - Billboard introduces the New Age Albums Chart and Cristofori's Dream by pianist David Lanz is their first #1
  • 1991 - Ten is the debut album released by Pearl Jam 
  • 2017 - Humble, by Kendrick Lamar wins Video of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards

This Day in Sports

  • 1938 - New York Yankees pitcher Monte Pearson no-hits Indians 13-0 while Joe DiMaggio hits 3 triples
  • 2017 - Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeats MMA fighter Conor McGregor in his debut match in Las Vegas

Word of the Day from Wiktionary

Anglicism (noun)

1. A word or other feature originating in the English language that has been borrowed by another language.

Wishing You a Great Day Today!

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